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Japanese-English Bilingual Tutors will fully support your Japanese learning.

Why learn from us ?

Tip1: We focus on hiring only the top Japanese and English bilingual speakers.
Tip2: We manage the quality of all tutors.
Tip3: We offer the best price with the service output of total excellency.
Tip4: We strongly believe that learning another language from bilingual is always the best!

The Strength of Billngual

After each of your lessons, your bilingual tutor will ensure that you are crystal clear on your materials and you will be able to answer all your question in English. What more can you ask?

The Strength of Private-Tutoring

One-on-one lessons will enable you to set your lessons anywhere, anytime you like.
Furthermore, because of private-tutoring. the bilingual tutors can pay great attention to analyzing your Japanese language abilities and thus, quickly supply the knowledge of what should be fulfilled.

The Strength of Teachers

Bilingual Partners only hires highly-talented Japanese and English speakers. Registered Bilingual tutors are constantly trained to improve their teaching skills. You will also have the chance to evaluate your tutor anytime through our web site.

Price Chart

Entrance Fee ¥20,000
Trial Lesson Free
One Lesson 60mins 4times / month 8times / month 12times / month
60mins ¥5,923 ¥25,000 ¥50,000 ¥75,000
90mins ¥5,397 ¥34,000 ¥68,000 ¥102,000
120mins ¥5,000 ¥42,000 ¥84,000 ¥126,000

※Including Tax

1Hour Free Trial Lesson Available!!

Corporate Members

Bilingual Japanese Tutors can be sent to your office and provide group lessons.
For further infomation, Please call us directly at 03-4360-5366.